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One single disk shows it all: The basics how to get healthy and losing weight.
This dial is the essence for your daily nutritional life. Print it out, pin it on your vision board. Put it on your fridge. Use it when you make your grocery list.
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natch Dial

Stay Low Glycemic

The body respond to high glycemic food with a peak of blood sugar level. This triggers insulin which brings the energy to the cells. If you are in the red zone all excess energy from bad carbohydrates is stored as fat. These bad carbohydrates (and not the fat in the food) and fructose are responsible for weight gain.

Cook Your Food

Cook your own food. Certainly, time is of the essence. However, all recipes within these Recipe Cards are fairly easy to make. If you cook or bake make more and freeze in portions. To thaw a healthy, yummy dish you have made by yourself, takes a few minutes, faster than you are in line in every restaurant.

Stop Counting Calories

Counting calories and carbs makes stress and it makes no sense because the existing nutrient system is not based on the actual energy absorption of our bodies. Food should be fun, joy and energizing. Stay low glycemic with these Recipes Cards and stop counting calories: More fun, less stress!

It is easier than you would think

Bernhard Scholz, President and Co-Founder of

Many, before you, started exactly that way: try to cook low glycemic once a week, than a couple times a week until they discover the magic: You can eat until you are satiated, the amount of food has no priority anymore: no counting of carbohydrates or calories. And my favorite, the best effect of all is you wake up in the morning and have this amazing, energized feeling. You have elevated your life by just changing the way you eat. The natch dial will support you to reach your personal goal to 100%!

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The natch dial is a great way to begin your journey to health. FREE today!

Start cooking low glycemic dishes today. Quit counting calories. Eat as much natch-food until satiated. Get energized and lose weight natch-urally!